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VP01/VP01S -- Video Processor

OSD(On Screen Display) LCD for operation prompt, English, Chinese and Korean language.

Simply operation control and visual prompt, no PC control.

Input signal sources: two CVBS, one S-VIDEO, one YPbPr, one DVI, one VGA(DVI and VGA follow VESA standard).

Input resolution: XGA model -- DVI/VGA -XGA  YPbPr-1080i   SXGA model -- DVI/VGA -SXGA  YPbPr -1080P.

Output signal: Convert input signals to DVI and VGA output simultaneously(DVI and VGA follow VESA standard).

Output resolution: XGA model -- XGA 60 Hz   SXGA model -- SXGA 60 Hz.

10-Bit ADC for analog input and 10-Bit video data processing for improving image quality.

3-D motion adaptive video de-interlace and 3-D video noise reduction for improving image definition.

Edge-oriented adaptive processing for smooth low-angle edges.

Advanced color engine for getting fresh color and vivid skin tone.

High performance scaling engine for improving image shrink/zoom effects.

User can adjust image size and position manually(image size can’t be larger than its output resolution).

PIP function for supporting two input signals display on the screen simultaneously.

Can be connected to LED display, monitor, projector, etc.

If connect to LED display, one LED signal sending card can be embedded into the device box.


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